Monday, March 19, 2012


With the warm weather well and truly upon us, I expect Ryan Homes will shortly be coming back to our home to work on the exterior. Our project manager promised to have everything pressure washed (lots of filth left over from construction). We have many areas that need painting, including all the shutters and columns.

Our package included having sod put down over the entire yard (although our lot isn't very large), but before that happens we are trying to work something out whereby rainwater from some of our downspouts can drain into a pipe buried underneath the yard. At the moment, the water pools near our garage and also flows between the garage and the morning room. Since we are planning to put a patio in this area, we want to make sure rainwater doesn't screw it up.

With all this happening imminently, I suppose it is almost time for me to go out and buy a bunch of hoses and sprinklers. I contacted Pennsylvania American Water about trying to make sure we don't pay sewer charges for water used for irrigation, but they basically said they would only be able to make a small deduction for one month only. Greedy bastards.


  1. Yes, those water companies can be such b@stard$. We have had our yard reseeded (birds ate all our seeds before we even moved in last year). Watering it is not fun. I'm not looking forward to coming bills. lol

    GL with all your exterior fix ups! Let us know how it goes.

  2. Sounds like a great plan, good luck! --Ericka

  3. How about a rain barrel? Easier than piping, and way less maintenance. I've got one that I'll be hooking up sometime soon. Sometimes you can get them at cost from your local cooperative extension or nonpoint source pollution program. I got mine here:

    1. I considered that. The way our home is configured on our lot, it is difficult for us to use a rain barrel without it being highly visible from the street. It's the sort of thing that could fall foul of the HOA.

      That being said, we also have a detached garage behind which I could probably place a rainwater barrel. I could use the runoff from just the garage for watering any flowerbeds and boxes.