Monday, December 31, 2012

10-month inspection report

We had our 10-month inspection, and most of the niggly little things have been dealt with (including the drywall nail pops and cracks). There are a number of significant outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved, but that is mostly because of the time of year.

The biggest problem we have concerns one of the joists that runs under our kitchen and out to the morning room at the rear of our house. Apparently, the joist was installed upside down. This has caused all sorts of creaking and bowing under the resilient flooring we have in this area. It is possible there may be other joists with the same problem, but it is impossible to tell because the rest of the first floor is hardwood. The Ryan Homes fixer says they are going to “flip the joist” under the kitchen floor. I was quite alarmed at this because it sounds like an enormous amount of work, but the guy seemed to think it wasn't too much of a big deal. I guess we will find out!

There is some kind of knocking noise associated with having a tap on in our guest bathroom. Attempts to fix it failed, with the sound basically moving around from one area of the wall to another. Lots of head-scratching on that one.

Like many other folks, our fireplace is subject to the recent Monessen recall. We have been contacted by the dealer who is meant to do the repair, but we don't have a scheduled fix because he is waiting on a part. It's a really bothersome time of year to be without the fireplace, quite frankly. The fireplace has never really performed as expected, with a relatively weak flame on even the highest setting.

I will blog again once the joist issue has been resolved.


  1. Sorry to hear about the joist that was installed the wrong way, I hope they do something about that soon. This makes me wonder the type of contractors Ryan hire, apparently this type of issue should be caught by the PM prior to dry-walling.

    1. We had our own independent inspection done before drywalling, but that didn't catch it either. I suspect it was something of an unusual occurrence.

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