Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pre-construction meeting

We had our pre-construction meeting yesterday afternoon, which took about an hour. Basically, my wife and I sat down with our project manager (PM) and our sales representative (SR) and confirmed all the details and choices. The only problem we discovered was that the SR had made an error with the fireplace selection, necessitating a change order. Another minor detail was that the basement egress window needed to be moved elsewhere because it had accidentally been located beneath the fireplace.

Construction is going to take a bit longer than we had hoped. We should still be breaking ground on September 6, but the PM seems to think we won't be able to close until well after Thanksgiving. I believe the long construction schedule is in part because our house will be the very first in a new development, but that's just my guess.

So it looks like we are going to have to stay in our rented apartment for at least another month. We'll probably have to have Thanksgiving surrounded by huge piles of bankers boxes. Incidentally, having moved twice in the space of two years, I can honestly say that bankers boxes are the perfect size and strength for holding household items (particularly books).


  1. Yo! How can the LTG get these banker's boxes?

  2. You might be surprised - if all goes smoothly, you could be in earlier. They might be under-promising just in case they run into problems. The crews might not have the process down, and your PM is new to the neighborhood too. Being the first is difficult - your municipal or county inspectors won't be familiar with all of the details, or your PM and they might take a bit longer to make sure everything is up to standard. This might actually work out in your favor!!

  3. Bankers boxes are available at places like Office Depot and Staples. They are quite expensive, but they are very strong, easy to carry and capable of being stacked very high. They take 2 seconds to "make" because they are pre-made, but folded flat.

  4. There is usually extra time built into the schedule for inspections and such...however, the inspections can definitely delay things. The nice part is that Ryan Homes works weekends and sometimes even holidays, BUT they are fairly close with their estimates...that coming from the guy who's original date has slipped from September 10th to the 22nd