Sunday, September 4, 2011

Almost ready to start

The Sadsbury Park development (where we will be building our Michener II) has finally been prepared for construction to begin. The road that runs past the site has now been opened, and much of the street infrastructure has asphalt. The developer has created a shiny new promotional website to attract buyers and I expect they will begin construction on a decorated model home very shortly. For the first time, my wife and I were able to actually drive into the development and take a picture of our vacant lot:

You can see the farmhouse that I've mentioned previously, and our house will be located in the space between it and the stake in the foreground. We are scheduled to break ground on the day after tomorrow. In the modern vernacular, one could say that “shit is just about to get real.”


  1. Wow! That shit IS about to get real! Congrats. I hope you have as good of an experience as I did - though as one of the first lots to go in your new neighborhood, be prepared for some snags. It will probably take them a couple houses before they get their routine figured out. Looks like it will be a great place to live. I especially like the developer's website, which touts the clubhouse and cabana! Yes, every traditional Chester County hamlet had its own cabana! :)

    Good luck!

  2. I'm not too concerned with how long it will take for the house to be completed, as long as I don't have to settle in the last two weeks of December. I have unalterable family commitments during that period. With our home being one of the first to be built, I anticipate a few delays.

  3. Congrats on being so close to ground breaking. It will cruise along at a good pace so keep a close eye on it or you may miss something!!!

  4. Congrats on yout ground upcoming ground breaking! We are still waiting on permits.... Enjoy the process and take plenty of pictures!