Thursday, September 22, 2011

A good sign

In an earlier post, I included a picture of our lot that showed a simple stake in the ground where our house was going to be. My wife and I drove by the development in the rain yesterday and snapped this picture:

It isn't a significant change, but it is certainly meaningful to us. At last, after four months of waiting, there is something to indicate our commitment to the community. We also noticed that much of the development, including our lot, has gained a coating of straw. Some parts of the site have also been given sheets of grass seed. If we get some good weather, I'll drive up to the development and take a few more pictures.


We went by there today, and they appear to have staked out the exterior boundaries of the house, including the detached garage. Everything seems okay, although the garage stakes seemed to indicate a rectangular garage instead of the square garage we chose. I'll have to go back out there this weekend with a measuring tape.


  1. Yay - that is great. Our signs went up a little over a week ago and last Saturday our SR let us put the Sold sticker on. So much fun!

  2. That's great!! I'm beginning to see that every Ryan development is different. When we signed our contract along with transferring money, we put our sold sticker on the same day. At any rate, the ball should be rollin' soon!

  3. This is definitely a good sign that they are getting close! Has your PM or sales rep given you any more updates?

  4. The PM told me that as long as they get the permit (see previous post), they should be starting on Monday.