Monday, May 21, 2012

First cut

Three weeks after getting our sod, I was forced to give the lawn its first cut over the weekend. I purchased one of these bad boys from Amazon [link]:

It's a 19-inch cordless mower. I've used gas-powered and corded electric mowers before, but this was my first time using one with batteries. To do the entire lawn required the equivalent of four batteries. The mower comes with two Lithium-Ion batteries that each take around three or four hours to fully charge. The mower worked very well indeed. I spent about four hours actually cutting the grass and it again struck me how unexpectedly large our yard is.

One thing that irritates me a bit is that it seems like some of the rectangles of sod are not the same. Obviously different areas of the yard will grow in different ways depending on shade, water and wind; however, it was clear that the type of grass was not consistent. With seeding and feeding over the years, this problem will sort itself out so it isn't really a big deal. Another problem is that the landscapers did leave some rather large gaps between some of the sod rectangles. Again, seeding and feeding will solve that problem.


  1. I am with you. Standing out front looking, I am happy but when I take a walk I can spot many gaps OR overlaps. I have been throwing some grass seed in gaps and seeing progress with that. My main regret now is that I was not present during final grading to ensure it was done as best expected.

  2. It's a bit expensive ($200), but I'm thinking of getting the matching GreenWorks trimmer because they can share batteries.

  3. They just laid ours a few days ago so Im going to start being proactive with that now, its supposed to rain all week so Im going to try and get some seed down. We close on wed so it hasnt had to sit for long. On my neighbors some of their panels look completely different from others like their missing nutrients.

  4. I will have to keep that mower in mind.