Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mowing and new construction news

I've now mowed the lawn three times. The second cut was a week after the first; however, I did the third cut after two weeks. The third cut was much easier than the other two, presumably because the grass has had a chance to get happy with its new home. The patches that had slightly different shades have more or less blended in with each other. I've been delighted with the performance of the cordless lawn mower and although I wish it was a bit bigger, it nevertheless gets my recommendation.

For the last couple of months, Ryan Homes has only been selling townhomes in Sadsbury Park after the company temporarily suspended sales of single family homes. Today, however, we had the good fortune to meet a soon-to-be new neighbor who will be building a Savoy quite close to us, which means Ryan Homes will start selling the single family homes again. My wife and I are looking forward watching the new home go up over the next few months.

In case anyone in Sadsbury Park is interested, we learned today that our tax assessment appeal with the county has gone through and the amount has been lowered to a realistic figure. My thanks to the good people at Larmore Scarlett for their assistance in this matter.


  1. Nice, I am glad you were able to get the taxes lowered! Now that is a stimulus!

    Thanks for the mower info as well. Good to see reviews on products by people who have first hand knowledge.

  2. The original tax assessment valued the house at quite a bit more than we paid for it and the reduction brought those two numbers in line.

  3. Wow- that is good to know! I don't live in PA, but would love to lower our taxes:)

  4. Great meeting you and your wife last week! I'll be over on Monday for my pre-construction meeting. I can't wait to be y'alls neighbor!