Friday, June 22, 2012

First power outage

It's been five months since we moved into Sadsbury Park and in that time we've had absolutely zero interruptions in our electricity supply. That changed half an hour ago when we had a complete loss of power for about 15 seconds. It happened literally 5 seconds after I'd walked in the door and deactivated the alarm.

The air conditioning restarted about 5 minutes after the power came back, and then about 10 minutes later there was a slight dip in the lights and AC. Twenty minutes later, everything seems fine. Apart from resetting a few clocks, and waiting for the router to reboot, there don't appear to be any problems.

It might seem like a trivial thing to blog about, but this blog is read by other members of the community and they may wish to compare notes.


  1. I like hearing that it has been 5 months and you have only had one outage! We lose power at our condo at least once a week and it's super annoying!!

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know we've had no power issues since this happened. I still don't know whether it was local (to Sadsbury Park) or over a wider area, but everything seems fine.