Friday, October 21, 2011


The crew finished quite late yesterday, so it was getting dark before I could take a couple of pictures. They've put the formwork up, and for the first time we have a proper sense of scale for the house:

My smartphone (a Nexus One) does not take very good pictures in low light, but it's better than nothing:

My wife and I were quite surprised at how high it looked. The morning room is going to be quite elevated, giving us a better-than-expected view. Because of the shape of our house and the corner lot, it's like we have two front yards; a short front yard for the front door, and a long front yard for the side door. The long front yard is going to end up being much larger than we thought, which is very cool. It will give us plenty of space to put a patio in sometime in the future.


  1. Looking good. When my parents built a house 10 years ago they chose a corner lot and the side yard is definitely an added bonus to your property. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. All I can say is "huge"! I am loving what I see so far. Having ample yard space is a great bonus :)

  3. Nice! Gotta love good surprises like extra yard! =)