Sunday, October 16, 2011

Foundation redux

I snapped a couple of better pictures of the foundation work yesterday. It was a very windy day, so it was hard to hold the camera steady (my smartphone), but at least there was no rain this time. It still looks like an 80% scale model:

In the background of the next picture, you can see a row of small conifers. Ultimately, they will partially obscure the wet pond that is next to our lot:

I expect the foundation to be poured in the next couple of days, judging by how things are going at the model home (which is roughly two weeks ahead of us on the construction schedule). Once it's done, I should be able to put up some better pictures of what our basement will look like.


  1. OMG, your house is so small!!! :)

    When they poured our footers, I swore they were building the wrong house. But when the sticks went up, the house looked giant. I'm confident you will have a similar experience.

    What's that giant building back there behind the trees? School?

  2. I had the same question about the building.

    And RR is right, just wait! It'll get big in no time!

  3. The large buildings in the background are actually businesses. There are a couple of distribution centers and some aviation companies related to a nearby airport. They're actually quite far away, but foreshortening in the photograph makes them seem nearer.