Monday, October 24, 2011

Model home

Work started on framing the model home, a Savoy, this morning. That's eighteen days after its footings went in, and ten days since its lumber was delivered. Assuming they follow the same schedule with our house, we can expect framing to begin on or just after Halloween; however, if there's only one framing crew available we'll have to wait until the framing on the model home is finished. Our lumber hasn't been delivered yet, but I'm told that should happen in the next few days.


  1. From what I have seen in our neighborhood and especially watching the house next door, the framing was completed in 4 days. It took a few extra days (more than the PM wanted) to get the shingles on since it rained for several days straight after getting the plywood up on the roof. That meant that the inside of the house also got wet those few days. I expect our framing to start next week! Will it be a race to the finish ;)

  2. Typically there is only one framing crew. Our PM told us that he absolutely does not let the framing crew move on to the next house until they have totally finished the first one, so your theory about waiting for the model home to be finished framing sounds right. Our framing started the day after our lumber arrived.