Friday, October 14, 2011


The hole was given some footings yesterday. We were quite surprised because the rain gave only a relatively small window in which to do the work. I took a couple of pictures in the late afternoon, but the weather was so awful this was the best picture I could get:

The weather isn't so great for today or tomorrow, but things should be a little better next week. The placement of the footings seems to give a somewhat misleading impression of the size of the basement, as if they are building an 80% scale model of the house. The section underneath what will be the morning room (farthest from the camera in the next shot) looks very small compared to the expected dimensions, for example.

It looks like the lumber has been delivered for the model home. Once they start putting it up I'll snap a few shots for this blog for the prospective Savoy buyers.


  1. Yay for footings. Ours were supposed to go in today, but it is raining too much and our "pool" is too full. Supposed to be better weather on Monday, so they will pour them then.

    You will be so excited when your wood arrives, too!

  2. I know you are excited that the process is moving along after all of the hiccups in the beginning! Looking forward to watching your house go up!

  3. The footers ALWAYS look SO much smaller than what it turns out to be...I have no idea why but Ive heard that from everyone who has built new and I agree. Trick of the eye...or mind...or just sheer excitment taking over.? Who knows :) Congrats!!

  4. Look at you! You are FINALLY started!! =D Very very nice to see!!