Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 - Anticipation

We close tomorrow afternoon. If I wasn't on the eighteenth day of a nasty cold/flu/whatever, I'd probably be bouncing off the walls. As it is, my excitement level goes up to eleven.

Right up until the last minute, we're still getting the odd call or email from NVR Mortgage asking us for bits of information or documentation they already have or should've asked us for ages ago. Just in case, I've copied every single document I've ever sent them to a USB flash drive that I will take with me.

After we've settled, we plan to take a car load of “sit around stuff” over to the house. Basically, it's loose stuff that we'd rather move ourselves. I'll take another car load of stuff over on Friday morning and then spend the whole day there receiving various deliveries and getting the cable hooked up, etc.


  1. Good luck. Right there with ya. Can't wait for our moved in photos!

  2. congrats!
    Ours was yesterday. Hopefully your closing will go as quick and smooth as mine.
    good luck

  3. I am so glad your time is almost here, you have had quite the long ride on this journey. I hope that everything goes smooth for you tomorrow. Congratulations and can't wait to hear how everything went.

  4. OMG. I just rewatched Spinal Tap last week, so I actually got the joke! YAY for catching up with cultural references that are 20 years old (30?)! At any rate, hope things are going well. I'm trying to come up with another Spinal Tap reference, but all I can think of is Sex Farm, and even tho you now live in the sticks, I don't think its relevant. :)