Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moved in

It has been a week since we moved in, although I use the term loosely. All our stuff is in the house, but there are about eleventy-billion boxes to sort through. My wife has managed to unload and put away all the kitchen stuff and she has done a tremendous job. We've had the chance to cook a few things in there and everything has worked out just fine. The house is wonderful, and we love it to pieces.

We've had one or two problems. The fridge we ordered would not push back far enough because it was being fouled by the side-mounted waterline spigot. Our project manager came back and fiddled with it a bit, and now all is well. A more serious problem arose when we ordered a washing machine and dryer. Modern machines need around 36 inches of depth when you factor in the dryer vent, but our laundry room only gave us about 31 inches before the door got in the way. Part of the problem is that we have a laundry tub, which means we are unable to move the machines away from the door. That being said, it's our feeling that in a brand new house, there should be room to spare in a laundry room once the machines are in. In the end, we ordered a washer/dryer combo that was among the shallowest and then got one of those flexible dryer vents. It's still a tight squeeze, but the door can now close unhindered.

Our house is a mess at the moment, so I have no pictures for you at this time. You'll just have to be patient!


  1. I totally get the dryer issue. I had to climb behind my dryer 3 times to get the vent tube just right allowing it to push back as far as it can. it still sticks out about two inches or so from the washer. I would prefer a little extra room as well.

  2. Congrats on Closing! Your house is beautiful. I can't wait to see more pics!