Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Although we settled on January 12, it has taken until today to get a temporary mailbox. I guess this is one of the problems with being the first buyers in a new development. Until now, the United States Post Office has been unable to give us an “official” address or deliver mail. I've been driving to the nearest sorting office to pick up my mail by hand, although some of it has apparently been lost or returned to sender. Anyway, thanks to my project manager we have a mailbox:

After it was put in, I went back to the sorting office and informed them. They said they would start delivering our mail from tomorrow and it should only be a few more days before our address gets added to that all important computer system of theirs.

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  1. Good luck. I put in our change of address for mail to start on Jan. 3rd. It seems to still be trickling in. I know we should have a lot more mail then what we have been receiving. And the sad part is that we are in the same neighborhood as before, so the post office is the same one as before, but yet they can't seem to walk all of our mail down from one sorting section to another. Hopefully we aren't missing any bills!

    One problem I have found is that there are many companies out there who ping the post office (electronically) to verify if an address is valid. One such item is magazine subscriptions. I qualified for 3 free magazine subscriptions and when I went to put in our new address it said it wasn't valid. The post office said it could take up to 6 months for the system to be updated. Well that doesn't do me much good if I need something delivered to the new house using a company that verifies addresses. Amazon gave me a hard time and I had to accept, 3 times, that the address I entered was what I actually wanted.