Monday, December 5, 2011

Drywall done

It seems I may have unfairly maligned the drywall guys in my previous post. My wife and I paid a visit to the site after work about four hours after I was last there, and we were surprised to find the interior lit up with a generator humming away outside. Going in, we discovered the drywall chaps doing their thing, some of them on those awesome drywall stilts. We walked around the house for about an hour, and by the time we left they had almost finished.

I noticed a few problems while we were there:

  • Some of the holes in the basement floor had been filled, but not all of them.
  • There was no hole in the drywall for the center channel surround sound speaker in the family room. I'll have to ask Guardian about that.
  • Some of the shutters have been put up, but they are not the right color. They are supposed to be a dark green color, but these are gray. Perhaps they will be painted, but if that is the case they probably shouldn't have been put up.


  1. The shutters come grey and get painted later. Why they don't paint them before putting them on the house is totally beyond me, but that seems to be how they do. It likely has something to do with the progression of installation - siding guys come weeks before painter guys come, who do all of the painting inside and out.

  2. RR is right about the shutters.

    Glad to know the processes is moving right along.

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Let us know what happens.