Friday, December 9, 2011


I'd like to get a French door refrigerator for our new kitchen. Can any of my fellow Ryan Homes bloggers tell me what the maximum size can be? What manufacturers and models have you had good experiences with? Any I should specifically avoid? I think the fridge is really important, so I'm willing to splurge to get something good!


  1. We purchased one of the largest capacity french door fridges on the market (LG 31 cu. 3 door). It's getting delivered tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes. Based on my measurements, it should fit; however, they may have to take the fridge door off. Another one I would recommend is the Samsung 28 cu. four door. I wanted to exchange for it but the price went way up (I purchased it around Black Friday). The twin cooling system and the flex door on the Samsung was what convinced me it would have been a more user-friendly and more functional fridge. On the LG, you have to open both top doors in order to use their version of the flex door. Very inconvenient. So that is something you should think about. The only negative about the Samsung is that the ice-maker is very loud; otherwise, it is very highly rated (much more highly rated than the LG). I'm sad that I didn't exchange it on time.

  2. We have a 28.5 LG and LOVE IT!! With room to spare! It is AWESOME!!
    Flex door? That big long drawer at the bottom of the fridge section?

    We chose the LG over the Samsung, b/c every Samsung we looked on the floor had broken handles, all in the same spot. =/

    We loved all the features on the LG and loved how the bottom worked.

    We're pleased. I hope you will be too.

  3. Noey: I hope I'll love my LG as much as you do! :-) Yea, the long drawer on the bottom of the fridge on the LG is a separate door on the Samsung. I just felt that would have been so convenient without having to open the two fridge doors. You are so right about the doors on the Samsung. My sales guy told me ppl complained about the broken handles all the time!

  4. We have a french door LG and love it. We love it so much we are bringing it with us to the new house. We ordered the cheapest side-by-side from Ryan and we will swap them. Our appliances are all black - I'm not a fan of stainless - I know, I'm weird.

  5. I'm definitely hearing a lot of LG love from you guys. I remember when LG was Goldstar, and was basically synonymous with complete crap. I guess they must've raised their game.

  6. SCJ: Yeah. They have really upped their game. One of the top competitors in appliances and tv's now. =)