Friday, December 30, 2011

Thirteen days

We have just thirteen days to go until settlement. My wife and I just got back from England where I had been performing Best Man duties at my brother's wedding and enjoying Christmas with my family. It should've been wonderful, but we both picked up a nasty cold (from which we are both still suffering) and I developed quite severe tendinitis in my right shoulder (which is better, but still bothering me).

We visited the house on Wednesday. Things have moved along quite a bit in the two weeks we've been away. We now have decking and columns on the front porch. The columns have been added to the side porch, living room and dining room. We have some beautiful hardwood flooring, soft carpet and surprisingly attractive “resilient” flooring. The bathrooms have been fitted out and the Guardian bits and pieces have been completed. The kitchen is largely done, although we are waiting on appliances. Yesterday, we ordered a Samsung RF4287HARS refrigerator:

We've arranged to have it delivered and installed the day after settlement, although we apparently have to provide a waterline hookup hose. We'll be getting a washer and dryer (probably Electrolux) soon, although they can wait until after we've moved in if necessary. We also need to get a garage door opener. We bought a fan for our morning room and some sealer for the granite and tile. We had intended to get a fan for the bedroom, but decided to wait until we'd decided on the color scheme.

There are a couple of little issues. The shingles were “flapping” in high wind and one eventually blew away. One outlet appears to have been stuck in a stupid place, so I hope to get it moved. Apart from those things, everything seems to be coming along nicely. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be engaging in the traditional Ryan Homes blogger countdown to settlement.

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  1. That is an amazing refrigerator. Enough said.