Saturday, December 3, 2011

Siding and drywall

There's a team of framers working on the townhomes today, but the guys putting up my drywall and siding were nowhere to be seen. We have good weather until Tuesday when we expect a few days of rain, so I am surprised there's nobody working. About a third of the siding is done:

The color we chose is “Devon white” - not very adventurous; however, it will not impose any limitations on what decorations/flowers we eventually choose.

I'd say about a quarter of the drywall is done. The bedrooms are mostly done, but there's been very little activity on the first floor or the basement. From what I can see, some of the items that cropped up in the inspection have been addressed but there are some notable exceptions. I'd like to see this pipe in the basement properly secured, for example:


  1. not real sure what that J-hook is accomplishing! I had a loose pipe issue with the MB hot/cold pipes too. They got them strapped before the drywall went up.