Friday, December 2, 2011

Inspection, siding and drywall

Yesterday, we had our pre-drywall independent inspection. Only a few minor issues were discovered:

  • A few areas where more draft-stopping is required, particularly on pipe penetrations between floors
  • Some additional sealing required between studs (where daylight can be seen)
  • Missing a few nail plates to protect wiring
  • A pipe is bowing outward in the master bathroom that could cause the drywall to bow
  • One of the PVC pipes in the basement doesn't have enough brackets holding it up in the ceiling
  • Quite a few nails missing in ceiling joist and truss hangers
  • Moisture on the basement floor and foundation wall
  • Some areas of the basement slab floor need refilling where it was broken to put in columns, pipes

Some guys turned up to begin hanging the drywall and putting up the siding ("Dover white") this morning, so hopefully these few items will be addressed before they conceal everything.

1 comment:

  1. I found a big gap between studs in garage too. I had a can of Great Stuff onhand and filled it myself. I was worried it would be concealed with the drywall (tomorrow!).