Friday, November 11, 2011

Framing continues

I know two things about carpentry:

  1. Wood comes from trees
  2. Nails don't

My complete lack of knowledge in this field is exposed; nevertheless, something doesn't look quite right to me with the work being done on our front porch. I took this picture of it at around 11:30 this morning, and I've added an inset picture of how it is supposed to look when it is done:

As you can see, the porch is missing the peak. Perhaps they always do it this way and then add it later, but right now it looks wrong to my inexperienced eyes.

It is really windy on site today, so after hanging around this morning I decided to head home to where I could find warmth. I have tremendous sympathy for the poor fellows working in the freezing wind. I'm amazed it hasn't slowed them down a bit. I took a few pictures that show the good work they are doing. This first one is of the side (what I call the “long front”) of the house:

And here's a closer shot of what will be our side porch:

Here's the rear (morning room) and “long rear” that faces the wet pond:

Here's the garage:

Right now, there is a small problem with the garage. The standard design calls for the small door to be at the rear, as it is now; however, the layout on our lot means it makes more sense for it to be at the side. So the foundation was poured with a side door in mind, but the framing was completed with it at the rear. Our project manager assures me this will be fixed, but I thought I'd include a picture to illustrate the problem:

Finally, here's another picture showing the front of the house with the porch currently being built:

The lack of a peak on the porch is quite clear.

Roofing material is supposed to be delivered later and the plan is to start putting it up tomorrow. Hopefully, the wind will have died down enough to make it safer to walk around up on the roof. You wouldn't catch me up there in a million years!


  1. Other than the porch roof, it looks really good. And big!! I can't wait to see the final product.

    Have you spoken to your PM about the peak issue? It might not hurt to mention it to him BEFORE the roofers get out there. It may be something the roofers take care of, or it may not be. Hard to know.


  2. I'm going to go out there again at the end of the day to check. If it's still wrong, I'll call my PM afterward.

  3. The peak will be added. If you look at my pictures, we have a peak on our roof. The roof was framed and boards put on and then the peak was added. Your peak will be there in a few days, I'm sure. The house looks great so far. Good luck with the garage door. For us, they poured the basement for a sliding door instead of a french door (they are supposed to pour them differently, I guess). Our inspector caught it and saw that they tried to "fix" the problem by added wood - which will rot since it is ground level. The PM said the concrete guys will have to come back. Glad we caught it. Keep on your PM to make sure they do your door right!

  4. The house is looking good--as Gina K. said, the peak will be added, but just ask your PM to be sure. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  5. It turns out y'all were correct. The peak was added this morning (Saturday). w00t!

  6. SCJ, I love the front porch AND the side porch. I love the front of your house, very nice!

  7. Looks great! It's nice when you expect a mess-up and then they actually pull through. Great progress.