Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shingles going up

Framing seems to be complete, with the exception of decking for the porches. They've only just started doing the front porch on the Savoy model home, so it might be quite a while before we see similar work on our house. There are some guys putting shingles on the roof now, although while I was there it was starting to spit with rain and heavier showers are expected. Here's a picture of one of the roofing guys putting shingles on the morning room:

I also saw a plumber's truck parked outside the front of the house, with a cable snaking out of it and in through the front door. I suspect that means plumbing and HVAC stuff has begun.


  1. I took a walk through your home the other day and it looks amazing! It was my first time through a Michener II and I was really blown away by the floorplan... love the morning room at the rear of the home away from the kitchen. Thats very unique to this floorplan! My home should be in framing this week and before you know it we'll be neighbors! Good luck and great job on the blog! Keep it up!

    Tim w/ Ryan Homes

  2. You beat me to it! My first foray inside will be tomorrow.