Monday, November 14, 2011

Framing mostly done

My wife and I visited the deserted site yesterday to see what had been done and take a few pictures. It appears that framing is mostly done, and the house has been wrapped. Let me get a couple of things out the way I mentioned in my last post. Firstly, the front porch now has a peak:

Secondly, the garage door issue has been resolved:

All the doors and windows are in, and we are particularly delighted with the way the morning room has turned out:

This image of the side porch shows the morning room's outside door:

The “long front” of the house certainly makes it look enormous:

As does the “long back” of the house:

But the “short front” makes the house look small and cute:

I'm planning to swing by the site this afternoon to see if they've started on the roofing, so perhaps I'll have more for you later.


  1. again, I love the look of the front of your house. But from the side, there is no doubt you have plenty of room!

  2. You've got your peak! It's coming along, SCJ! I think I've told you that the Michener II is also in my development, and they do look small from the front, but it's a huge house, and I like the look. I can't wait to see pictures of the inside!

  3. So jealous of your front porch. And I love the arch window in the morning room. Looks great!

  4. YAY! A peak!

    And... OMGosh! Your house is HUGE!!! I'm afraid to ask how much sq. ft. it is! It looks very nice!!

  5. @Noey814 The base model is 2552 square feet, but the morning room and finished basement push it to just over 3300.

  6. Your house is huge! Glad to see the peak is there. Everything is looking great!