Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Water is awesome. I like drinking it, bathing in it and even swimming in it because it tastes great, cleans awfully well and makes me feel nice and buoyant. But continuous rain for days on end with an unfinished roof is very irritating. Everything is awash and everywhere is muddy. So pretty please with a cherry on top, go away and leave us the hell alone for a few weeks. Come back when we have stuff that needs growing.


  1. HAHA - that's funny. We got super lucky that it didn't rain at all during the building and roofing process, but our neighbors had lots of rain and big lakes on each level of the house. But compared to stick built homes, a week or two of water is probably still better than a month or more like stick built.

    Is there an anti-rain-dance dance we can do for you?

  2. I am so sorry! I can relate. We had rain before our shingles went up and the whole place was a muddy mess. My yard happens to be the reddest mud I have ever seen. The flooring of the house was caked with it and had pools of water everywhere. Thankfully it only rained a couple of days and then it all dried up. I hope the rain leaves you alone for a while so that your house can continue being built.

  3. No $hit!
    We are in the same rut.
    No rain in the forecast tmorrow for me, maybe i will get a roof?
    Good luck

  4. The weather forecast is saying rain today (Wednesday). Then a few good days (but nobody will be working over Thanksgiving, of course) and then rain on Monday and Tuesday next week. So it'll probably be another week before roofing work can start again. Bugger.