Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Framing goes into overdrive

I drove to the site early this morning (well before 8:00) and was surprised to find seven guys working feverishly on framing the first floor. I prefer not to take pictures of the workmen, so I have nothing to show you today; however, I did spend most of the day on site so I can give you the sequence of events:

  • Beams for the first floor laid over the basement.
  • Particle board glued and nailed to the beams, creating a floor!
  • Pre-made wall sections shuffled around the lot a bit.
  • First “vertical” piece goes up. It's half of the rear wall of the garage.
  • Bits of pre-made interior walls passed down into the basement.
  • Second piece of garage goes up, half of a side.
  • Third piece of garage completes the rear.
  • Final bits of the garage go up. Apart from bracing the walls, that's it for garage work today.
  • The first bit of exterior wall goes up on the house! It's on the outside of what will be the stairs.
  • Next, the front of the house - the wall the includes the dining room windows.
  • Then the corresponding piece for the living room.
  • Bits of the morning room walls go up. The main wall is left open to provide access for large items.
  • Family room walls, followed by the dinette and then the bit of wall that includes the front door.
  • Kitchen walls go in, followed by the rest of the living room.
  • Interior walls next. By this point, the whole lot has only taken three hours.

After all that, the workmen spent the afternoon sealing everything up, putting in braces and then starting work on the second floor beams. I was very impressed with the quality of the work, the attention to detail and the precautions they took for their safety.


  1. good deal. I got my wood delivered today and steel beams put in place. I'm right behind you!

  2. Sounds a lot like our progress. We wish we could sit and watch all day. Hubby has been so tempted to call in sick and bring a chair to the lot and just watch.

  3. I always wanted to just sit and watch them also!! I'm glad you got to experience it. :)

  4. While I was there, the HVAC guys showed up to drop off some stuff. The driver told me that on one job, some guy had brought a deck chair to sit and watch his house being built. You can imagine him with his little gas grill and a cooler full of beer.

  5. It sounds like a better time than watching some sub-par show on tv. I would love to watch that too!