Monday, November 28, 2011

Pre-drywall stuff

Today was the pre-drywall walkthrough. I've been visiting the site on a fairly regular basis, so there weren't any surprises. Almost all of the electrical and mechanical work is now complete. The same goes for most of the Guardian-related work. Thus far, I am very impressed with the quality of the work and attention to detail by everyone who has worked on the house. The project manager has obviously run a tight ship, and the Guardian installer has gone to great lengths to accommodate all of my requirements. With an independent inspection scheduled for Thursday lunchtime, I expect drywall work to begin that afternoon or the following day. My project manager was expecting the Energy Star guy to come this afternoon to do the initial leak check, so hopefully that went well.

Also today, we finally received a figure for the appraisal. Despite all our options (including some custom work), I'm happy to report the final number came in at almost 98% of our sales price. This was great news that gives us a bit of flexibility when deciding how much to put down on our mortgage.

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