Friday, November 4, 2011

A hint of framing

The tiniest soupçon of framing has begun today. There's so little of it, the two syllables in “framing” probably exaggerate the work done. I took these pictures at around 2:30pm today, by which time there was nobody around:

The morning room:

In these images, you can see the Savoy model home in the background:

This will be the egress window:

From the front porch, looking back toward the morning room at the rear:

Part of the huge pile of lumber:

I'd like to ask my learned housebuilding brethren what this is. Could it be the sump? Qu'est-ce que c'est?

I'm hoping the framers returned to work after I'd left, given that there was about three hours of daylight left today. This last picture shows the wet pond in the background. I've been assured that it will eventually have a fountain and look awesome, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to nag Ryan Homes about it:

I hope to get back out there tomorrow, but with family commitments it may have to wait until Sunday. Fortunately, we are expecting good weather until at least Wednesday next week.


  1. Any progress is great progress. I can't believe you didn't walk out onto the center of a beam for a picture!
    I figure we will be seeing pics of your roofed house by Wednesday!
    Good luck

  2. If I'd walked out on one of those beams, I would've killed myself. They're too narrow for a wobbly dude like me.

    Incidentally, I went back out there this morning (Saturday) and they hadn't done any more. I'm surprised they quit early yesterday, and I'm also a little surprised not to see anyone working there today. It's great working weather.