Sunday, July 31, 2011

A couple of changes

We dropped in on our sales rep yesterday, and he very kindly allowed us to make a couple of minor changes to our options list. My wife wisely decided that our bathrooms should have white cabinetry to go with the white tiles and white tubs. Wooden cabinets would've looked a bit odd. We have also chosen to have hardware (knobs) on all cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

While we were there, the sales rep was able to show us some of the fixtures and fittings we had not been able to see, and we were very impressed with their quality and appearance. He also gave us a better idea of when we would be breaking ground and how long it would take to do the build. Basically, we should be breaking ground at the beginning of September and closing around the middle of November.


  1. I too agree with you regarding the fixtures and fittings. I have yet to feel like I would be changing something out as soon as we moved in...regarding the lighting you can find all the lighting fixtures that RH uses at Progress Lighting and all the kitchen and bath faucets are Moen.

  2. Good call on the bathroom change.

    And yes, hardware is a must!!! We thought we got it automatically. NOPE! So now we are shopping for our own. It is a must!

    Congrats on getting a time frame!