Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In the middle of June, I had a meeting with Guardian. My wife bravely handed this responsibility off to me, but I restrained myself. I had spent a great deal of time researching everything in advance, so I was well prepared for the meeting. I had put together a packet which included lists of desired equipment, speaker packages, data outlet numbers and locations and other stuff. I knew what I wanted, but much of it would be contingent on what Guardian would be charging.

A key need was for comprehensive ethernet wiring using Category 6a wiring for a potential 10GBASE-T network. While this might seem extreme, I wanted to provide for the inevitable expansion into carrying multiple channels of high definition video over the home network without compromising other internet-related tasks. The plan was to provide data outlets in the family room, morning room, finished basement and bedrooms that would be fed from a network switch housed in the unfinished basement. Unfortunately, Guardian are unable to provide Cat6a wiring at this time, so they have agreed to run cables that I will be providing myself. Meanwhile, Guardian themselves will be providing the following:

  • Alarm system
  • Premium 5.1 surround speakers and wiring for the family room
  • 5.1 surround speakers and wiring for the master bedroom
  • Wiring for a 7.1 surround system in the finished basement
  • Cable TV outlets in all the bedrooms, the basement and the family room
  • Ceiling speaker pairs for the living room, dining room and morning room

I will be providing all the amplification and network equipment myself, so basically Guardian is doing mostly wiring. They've also agreed to install an in-wall subwoofer, provided by me, into the family room.


  1. In case anyone is wondering about the in-wall subwoofer I'm planning to get, it'll be this one with the matching amplifier.

  2. Welcome to the Ryan blogging community. Your house is really going to be decked out with the latest and greatest in technology. Do you work in that industry? We have never heard of this model and just took an on-line tour. We love the open floor plan. We look forward to following your journey...thanks for sharing. Do you know when you breakground?

  3. I used to be a videotape editor (back when video editing was done on tapes) and I've done a fair amount of web design work over the years, so I'm quite fussy when it comes to technology.

    We have no specific date on breaking ground yet. The development is in the very early stages and the site is currently being graded and prepared for roads. Our sales guy indicated he thought we might be in our new home by Thanksgiving, but that estimate could be way off for all I know.