Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do you like your steak?

Just a quick post about one of my favorite options. One of the very first things I asked for was a hook-up for a gas grill. I'm quite partial to the odd burger, so being able to plug my grill directly into the main gas supply without having to mess about with propane tanks makes me very happy. As an added bonus, the exterior gas supply could potentially be mated to a generator in the event of some sort of disastrous power outage. Anyway, our hook-up will be on the side of our morning room close to our side porch.


  1. Excellent option...never thought about that one!!! And to answer your question, I used to like mine rare...nice and juicy...but with all the beef problems I now cook mine medium.

  2. I like all my meat burnt to a crisp. Well maybe not quite that well done, but certainly well done. I know it marks me out as something of a philistine, but I just can't bear the thought of eating anything undercooked - particularly if it's still bleeding. I actually prefer burgers to steaks (yeah, I know) and it isn't safe to undercook ground beef.

    When it comes to steak, my old boss used to say "take off the horns, wipe it's ass and wave it over a candle."

  3. Well done!!! (that's how I take 'em) I like my meat cooked!!! lol And as far as burgers go...mine are the best around! lol

    And well done on your choice here! That is awesome upgrade!!

  4. Hey thats a pretty cool custom add on. i hate changing when i plan to ask the hubby to grill and as we cut on the grill, click, click, click....oh no we are out of easy dinner ends up being an inconvinenced dinner!

    BTW, I prefer my steaks medium well. i used to like them well done, but I have learned that it actually makes the steak tough and looses a lot of the flavor. :) Now I'm hungry! lol

  5. Wait what?!?! I have never heard of such