Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why we chose the Michener II

For us, the biggest selling point of the Michener II was the design and layout of the kitchen. My wife wanted a kitchen that would open out into the family room in a way that kept the two areas connected. Most modern houses have the kitchen, dinette and family room in a line and this can make the kitchen seem detached from the family room; however, with this layout, the kitchen and family are intimately connected. Anyone in the kitchen will be able to interact with anyone in the family room as if they are in the same room.

Another selling point was the location of the stairs. Most homes have centrally-located stairs leading away from the front door, but the Michener II design has the stairs to one side. Firstly, this makes the reception area (living room, foyer, dining room) more open and connected. Secondly, it helps to keep the finished area of the basement (where you might entertain guests) separated from its bathroom and the unfinished basement area. Thirdly, in conjunction with the second floor bathroom, it helps to create a “privacy division” between the guest bedrooms at the front of the house and the two bedrooms at the back (which include the master bedroom).


  1. I looked up the Michener II online. It's beautiful!!!! Very good choice!

  2. I'm excited to watch this build because I have never seen this model. I really like the kitchen layout. I agree with the side stairs. Our old house had that and it definitely made it feel more open when you came in. I compromised with that on the Waverly because the stairs are set far enough back that the foyer is still very open.

  3. We are also very excited to follow your journey. As soon as we saw your blog, we looked up the floor plan because we have never seen it before. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.