Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Field

Called Sadsbury Park, the development my wife and I have chosen to make our home in is still in the very early stages of being prepared for home construction. At this point, most of the work being done at the site concerns excavation, public utilities, grading and road preparation. The site is unsuitable for visiting because there's no asphalt down yet. A few months ago, the area was little more than a field:

This image is from Microsoft's Bing map service. The farmhouse you can see in the lower right of the picture will actually remain, although most of the adjacent buildings have gone already. I don't know when Ryan Homes will be breaking ground on our home, but I know it will probably be immediately after they begin work on their model.

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  1. Welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily and congrats on joining the rest of us in the adventure of building your new home. Feel free to ask tons of questions and most importantly, share your ideas, concerns, and problems. You will find that we are all willing to help and share our thoughts and ideas AND we are ALWAYS excited to see/share in each step of the buying and building process!!!